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    A Slice of Livingston

    The small town brewery scene is just right.

    Popping up over the past ten years, all over the state, microbrews have dominated the Montana bar scene with quality beverages and relaxing atmosphere for customers to experience. Just on the other side of the Bridger Mountains, nestled in downtown Livingston, Neptune’s Brewery and Katabatic Brewing Company represent the perfect slice of Livingston life. 

    Neptune’s Brewery

    Named after the Roman god of the sea, Neptune’s Brewery offers a range of microbrews from a honey rye, to multiple pale ales and a beloved milky stout. Stay and enjoy their large fish tank as you drink, but if you can’t make it to town, many of these beers are represented in restaurants and bars across the state.

    Their motto, “Drink like a God,” encompasses their focus on the quality (over quantity) of brewed-on-site hand crafted beer that is served to their patrons. Sea-themed, this brewery is an oasis in the small mountain town of Montana. Neptune’s Brewery focuses on improving the livelihood of their community while providing a gathering place to support the Livingston vibe. If you’re looking for some food with your brews, check out Neptune’s Taphouse and Eatery at a separate location in town!

    Katabatic Brewing Company

    Situated in downtown Livingston, Katabatic Brewing Company has made a large splash in the Paradise and Gallatin Valley for their bourbon barrel aged stouts along with smooth pale ales and hop-forward IPAs. Founded by microbrew lovers, this brewery is passionate about crafting full-bodies beers and building a local beer culture based on Montana traditions. 

    Their tagline, “Rugged, yet Refined,” captures the Livingston landscape and attitude of Montana locals as a hopping tourist town during the summer, while tipping its hat to the valley’s unremitting cow-town heritage. If you’re looking to spice up your evening with a saison, session beer, and other styles, this consistency-focused brewpub has you covered. You’ll also find their brews in Bozeman’s Bacchus Pub and other local watering holes across southwestern Montana. 

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