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    Mountains Walking Offers Sunday Brunch Starting This March

    Here in Bozeman, we have a wide selection of breweries to experience and enjoy. This community of established microbrews makes this Montana town a unique and welcoming place for locals and tourists to enjoy.

    Building our Bozeman community comes in many forms. For Mountains Walking, a brewery established in 2017, expanding their Sunday hours and inviting the community to enjoy a tasty brunch in a welcoming atmosphere, opens the doors figuratively and literally to lasting traditions with us.

    Their motto:

    “Mountains Walking is a conversation. A conversation between the brewer and the beers. Between beer and food. Between you and us. And between beer and the world. We invite everyone to join in and to discover the boundless possibilities together.”

    A conversion of a simple brewery to a staple of the Bozeman community starts with  brunch and beer from 10am-12pm every Sunday this March.

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