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    Remember listening to local bands in local bars?

    Reminiscing over live music, drinks, and dancing.

    By Emme Demmendaal, guest writer

    This time of the year is the time that I normally start to feel cooped up and stuck inside. While I love my winter sports, I am always restless, waiting on good weather to come back.

    This February, I find myself reminiscent of being able to get out and see a band play until the early hours of the morning. While most local drinking establishments are closing early and not hosting live music, I can count Sam Platts and the Great Plainsmen, to hold a concert online each Sunday, inviting other bands to join.

    Platt’s music reflects the local southwest Montana vibe: honky-tonk with a unique sound guided by tradition. Songs range from originals written by Platts to traditional country staples, led by his vocals and guitar. The band’s focus is on making country music — while it may not fit on mainstream country radio, the young group’s commitment to their sound sets them apart. Their attention to rhythm, bass and harmony makes them a favorite band to dance to.

    Right now, you’ll find the concerts on Facebook, but I’m sure that when live music returns in person, you’ll find them (and our other favorite bands) at any of the small, local joints that are a slice of the area. Here are a few of my favorite locations to watch:

    Pinecreek Lodge — Livingston

    the Old Saloon — Emigrant

    Stacey’s — Gallatin Gateway

    the Pony Bar — Pony

    the Sacajawea Bar — Three Forks

    LaHood Park Steakhouse — LaHood

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