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    Winter Adventure — Dog Sledding

    Catch a sled ride this winter season, a DOG sled ride, that is.

    Hitch a team of dogs, shout “mush!” and enjoy one of Montana’s secret winter adventures—dog sledding. While on the trail, you can enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings. The crunch of the snow The sounds of the dogs moving and working as a team. Dogs born to explore the winter wonderland. Let them show you how to really experience a Montana winter.

    There are three places in Montana that offer dog sled rides during the winter months. One of the three locations, Big Sky, is close to the Gallatin and Paradise Valleys, making it a perfect day trip for visiting family in the area or a fun Saturday with your significant other.

    Many of these dog sled ride experiences go through locations that skiers, hikers, and snowmobilers can’t visit, so you can experience the beautiful, rarely seen snowy Montana mountain scape. The best part? No experience needed.

    Depending on the outfit you choose, you also can try your own hand at driving a sled dog team! The experience is focused more on the unique opportunity of riding with a dog sled team, but keep your eyes peeled for the magic the backwoods of Montana offer. While sledding, you can spot the wildlife hidden over the next rise and enjoy the majestic winter views.

    Below is a list of all the places to visit, but keep in mind, they book months in advance so don’t wait too long!

    Big Sky

    Spirit of the North Sled Dog Adventures

    Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures


    Dog Sled Adventures


    Base Camp Bigfork

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